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Novel Chapters

     "Before" from Here Lies (first chapter)
                  The Common
      "Myrtle" from Here Lies                   

Short Stories


"Before" The Atlantic

"Enoch's Blocks," "Don Giovanni," and "Bone and Hue" 


"Crossing," "The sound is," and "The sound is like distant brasses" 

          The Paris-American

"Many Like Some" Denver Quarterly

"Jacques at Play" diode

"I Build a Machine" and "Weeks" MARY

"Sex" CutBank's 40th Anniversary

"Will I Know You," "What Humans Say," and "Time-Lapse of a Future Year"

          Notre Dame Review

"The Girl Asleep in Rilke's Ear" and "Horse Walking in a Sphere" 

          Barrow Street

"Waking Up" and "Seconds" Pleiades

"Peniel" and "Bethesda" Denver Quarterly

"Who Lived Among Them" Poetry

"Bone and Hue" The London Magazine

"The Widdershins Garden" Verse Daily

"The Widdershins Garden" and "Will They Hum" Ninth Letter

"Jouissance de Soi" Arts & Letters

"Sabina" Washington Square

"The Beaten Brothers" Subtropics

"The 26-Hour Day" Poetry Daily

"Embracing Cities" The Southern Review

"The Boy with the Goats" and "Burning Cities" Quarterly West

"Stradivarius" and "Waterhouse's Saint Eulalia" FIELD

"At the Border of Hunger and Holy" and "The 26-Hour Day"

          American Poetry Journal

"Dora sub x" Indiana Review

"Reverence is not Idle, I did not Stand Stunned" Bat City Review

"Be as Private as Two" and "The Funeral Mute, A Small Woman in Tophat and Suit"

          Seattle Review

"Thee" Colorado Review

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